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Today I have tons of work to do. Not the site. This isn't work. Real work. But since I'm a saint -- aka, coolest dude ever known in history of the world -- I had several things to get through. You know, something to do while you're at work. And no, the title doesn't make a lick of sense.

Earlier this week, we made the point that the Bengals should bring Dhani Jones back next season. He's been effective and largely the reason that the stability in recent weeks has resulted in an improved defense. But there's more to it than just his field work.

Steelers' free safety, Anthony Smith says: "Guys like Chad and Houshmandzadeh, you've got to be physical against them," Smith said. "It kind of throws them off their game. If you're not (physical), they'll just kind of run around you. When you hit them hard like that, they tend to try to run away from you."

On Wednesday we wondered what professional football players thought about disastrous field conditions like Heinz field on Monday Night.

"It definitely looks like a lot more fun when you're watching on TV, especially when it's raining and cold outside," said running back Rudi Johnson, who has reason for concern because he's coming off a hamstring injury. "At the same time, it's fun. It's kind of one of those old-school (games), back in the days when you were a kid running around playing in the mud."

They are working on it now.

Bengals flexing?

There's a good chance that the Bengals/Browns game in week 16 could be upgraded as the "flex" game for NBC. It's not a major CBS marquee game and the week two shootout (Browns, 51-45) might be the reason for the expensive suit executives to pick it up. Also a factor. If the Bengals do in fact, run the table to this point and the Browns start to struggle, this game could have Wild Card implications.

Scheduled now is the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers. Other games that might have a chance are the Packers/Bears, Eagles/Saints and Redskins/Vikings.

How's Perry taking to being placed on IR?

"If they needed me to play this year, I would have been more than happy to," Perry said Wednesday. "But honestly, having this time to get into game shape is a great opportunity. So I'm not really disappointed. I'm just taking it in stride and getting ready for next year. Honestly, I guess everybody feels this is the best decision."

Players reflect on the death of Sean Taylor. More.