Lewis' press conference

In today's press conference, a reporter(I don't know who) tried to press Lewis about a GM. The reporter brought up Lewis' relationship with Ozzie Newsome and asked if a GM would help the situation. Lewis, quickly and strongly, stopped the reporter. He said that had nothing to do with this season or this week's game and he wouldn't discuss it. I guess Lewis wouldn't want the distraction of the issue, and I'm sure he understands the Brown family would have to sell the team before a GM ever walks into PBS. But, I wonder if Lewis really wants a GM.

Also, he was peppered pretty hard about the team's tackling. This is an example that Lewis will not change his approach. The reporters tried to get Lewis to realize that what is being coached isn't working. And they asked if he would change anything. He immediately said no. So they asked since he wouldn't change anything, what would he do? He said that if the players aren't performing with their coaching, they would find new players. But, wouldn't say there was a shakeup coming.

Lewis refuses to believe that he needs to alter anything he does. I understand that you want to stay true to what you think works. But, if you don't have the players, then you have to alter your approach to the players you have.

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