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Where is the outrage with Chris Henry?

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One noticeable aspect around these parts is the total lack of outrage and condemnation about Chris Henry. Well, let me quantify that statement. Here, meaning this site. Cincinnati? That's a different matter. Some want Marvin to sit Henry against the Ravens. Others want a suspension that stretches this season with a pink slip in the end. However, some question why we don't give Henry unlimited breaks. Some wonder if people are out to get Henry -- aka, the most recent shenanigan.

Are you quiet because you've heard all this before and all you can do is sigh? Seen it once, seen it before. See it enough, you become desensitized by it. I understand that. Are you more reserved? After all, remember Henry was accused of assaulting a 16-year old boy that he was later cleared of? Or what about the claim of assault against Odell Thurman with guns drawn like Billy the Kid -- later dropped? Or an overzealous prosecutor shouting to anyone that would listen that Henry failed a drug test. But really didn't. Or Henry's stolen car that really wasn't.

"Don’t you know who I am?"
- Allegedly said by Henry tuesday night.

Yes, you're this guy.

And this guy.

And this guy.

Thoughts? Or are you just tired of the guy and expecting anything.