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Bengals secondary will only get younger... and better?

People are worried. It's not the consume-you-all-day worry. No. That would imply real life situations in which you're personally affected. The worry? The game that Dexter Jackson had has some people worried that we might sign him to another deal. Is it justified to worry about it? Would you want Jackson to start another season? Do you think Madieu Williams will return next season? Are Marvin White and Chinedum Ndukwe the future safeties of this team? And what about Herana-Daze Jones? Doesn't he get a chance to play defense after being labeled our Special Teams ace? And let's not forget about Ethan Kilmer. In reality, if we let Deltha O'Neal go while not re-signing Williams or Jackson, the player with the most years in the league would be... drum roll please, Blue Adams. Let's review.

Cornerbacks (experience as of NEXT season)

  • Johnathan Joseph - third season
  • Leon Hall - second season
  • Blue Adams - fifth season
  • David Jones - second season
  • Brandon Williams - second season

Which brings us to the next point. Would letting Deltha O'Neal, under one more season, go be wise? I'm not on the Blue Adams band-wagon right now and have no clue about David Jones or Brandon Williams. Perhaps it would be best, provided distractions are limited, to keep O'Neal as the Nickel to provide depth security. And I don't see the Bengals going after a cornerback high in the draft after taking two first rounders in the past two seasons.


  • Chinedum Ndukwe - second season
  • Marvin White - second season
  • Ethan Kilmer (IR) - third season
  • Herana-Daze Jones (IR) - third season
  • Jessie Daniels (PS) - second season
  • John Busing -- third season