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The question remains: Will another running back gain 100 yards against the Bengals?

We're so fortunate as Bengals fans to keep hearing the daily off-handed attempt at comedy as bloggers and media alike make references of the Bad Boy Bengals. Oddly enough, the market for jokes against the Bengals criminal element has degraded to a memory. A thing in the past. The jokers, those that make me laugh because of their original content, will soon have to stretch their minds into an arena of non-Bengals whims. Unfortunately, I suspect even then it's asking too much. Especially when trying to be funny is six times worse than actually being funny. Then trying to be funny, using a context that's long since passed, is even twice as worse than the six times worse than actually being funny. You got me? It's like those that try to make another person look bad by saying to them, "you are the weakest link." It's just natural however, that many people lower the standards for all of us. While we observe the dumbing-down from several writers and bloggers, we have to admit, it makes our jobs easier. The only thing we ask of those that make our lives easier, is to please, stop producing children. If we're going to grow, we need the challenge. At some point, the strength of powerful genetics needs to flourish or our grandchildren are in serious trouble. (see Idiocracy)

And yes, I totally went from Bengals to strengthening genetics for our species' future. And honestly, I had no intention of going there, but I did. I tend to do that. Anyway, my point is that I've become convinced of two things. One, the Bengals criminal element was a fabrication of over-reacting media considering most of the charges are one's that many fans themselves commit. I'm not condoning or justifying. Just saying, it was an over-reaction. Here we try to make sure the elitists, celebrities and athletes are put on a similar life-playing scale. But what we also don't do -- and I'm guilty of this too -- is acknowledge players and coaches when they reach out and help the community. Something many fans do not do. Perhaps that should be our new years resolution. To better promote what players in the community do so they are acknowledged for their giving.

First, here's the final injury report for tonight's game. This time, I got the teams right, davidincincinnati. :)

Willie is officially out while Jeanty is probable.

Cincinnati Bengals

Practice Wed Thurs Fri
T Willie Anderson (knee) DNP DNP OUT
LB Rashad Jeanty (knee) DNP FP FP

San Francisco 49ers (did not practice Friday)

QB Trent Dilfer (concussion) OUT
CB Shawntae Spencer (quad) OUT
CB Marcus Hudson (knee) OUT
WR Arnaz Battle (ankle) PROBABLE
DT Isaac Sopoaga (back) PROBABLE
LB Jeff Ulbrich (ankle) QUESTIONABLE
RB Frank Gore (ankle) PROBABLE
LB Derek Smith (groin) PROBABLE


Practice Wed Thurs Fri
QB Trent Dilfer (concussion) OUT OUT OUT
CB Marcus Hudson (knee) OUT OUT OUT
G Larry Allen (team decision) DNP -- --
WR Arnaz Battle (ankle) DNP LP --
CB Walt Harris (team decision) DNP -- --
DT Isaac Sopoaga (back) DNP LP --
CB Shawntae Spencer (quadricep) DNP LP OUT
LB Jeff Ulbrich (ankle) DNP LP --
DT Bryant Young (team decision) DNP -- --
RB Frank Gore (ankle) LP LP --
LB Derek Smith (groin) FP FP --

DNP - Did Not Participate in Practice
LP - Limited Participation in Practice
FP - Full Participation in Practice

IR - Placed on IR.

Will Gore be a test for the Bengals defense?

The reason I put up the numbers from the opposing team's feature back, is because we have to keep reminding ourselves that the Bengals of November and December, are not the Bengals of September and October. The last time the Bengals defense gave up a 100-yard rusher was Marshawn Lynch's 153-yard performance on November 4th. Since then, they haven't allowed a 100-yard rusher and won three of their past five games with a 5-2 record for the season. Will Frank Gore be the first to gain 100 yards against the Bengals defense? If he doesn't, the Bengals will win with a third-string quarterback (Shaun Hill) making his first career NFL start.