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Bengals players are reportedly fed up with Chad and T.J.

When someone says something about this team, without an official known source, I simply take it for a grain of salt. Lately, I haven't been able to resist. Someone is saying something about them. That someone is the guy that broke the story about the locker-room explosion during the Bengals 2005 Wild Card Game.

A league source tells us that there is growing animosity in the Bengals locker room toward receivers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Per the source, both are yelling "all the time" at quarterback Carson Palmer, but coach Marvin Lewis doesn't say or do anything about it. Players are also upset that the two receivers are trying to "run the team."

The situation reminds us of the latter days of the Denny Green era in Minnesota, where receivers Cris Carter and Randy Moss were berating quarterback Daunte Culpepper and operating under a separate set of rules.

Makes me feel like eating my words about Marvin Lewis earlier this morning. It's not that I'm taking this rumormill as 100% accurate of the team's lockerroom. Sadly, the rumormill has promoted more truths than not. However, even if this were true, I'd advise against casting blame. At this point, someone, anyone, needs to figure out what to do with this damned team.