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NFL Playoffs Nearly Set -- (week #16 scenarios)

In the NFC, the Vikings knocked out several teams -- Panthers, Eagles, Lions, Cardinals -- with their Monday Night win. Unless either the Giants or Vikings lose out and either the Saints or Redskins win out, the seeding is close to being set.

Seed NFC Record Status / Scenarios
1 Dallas 12-2 Clinched NFC East and a first-round bye. Clinch home-field advantage with win and a Green bay loss.
2 Green Bay 12-2 Clinched NFC North and a first-round bye.
3 Seattle 9-5 Clinched NFC West
4 Tampa Bay 9-5 Clinched NFC South
5 New York (G) 9-5 Can clinch playoff berth with a win or a loss by either New Orleans or Washington.
6 Minnesota 9-6 Can clinch playoff berth with a win.
7 New Orleans 7-7 Life support. Needs tons of help.
8 Washington 7-7 Life support. Needs tons of help.

The only team that has a chance to upset the top six AFC teams is the Tennessee Titans -- who have the Jets and Colts. With Indianapolis already sealed with their #2 seed -- they can't get #1 no matter what -- it's likely that the Colts will pull their better players early. The only way that the Titans can win a berth is if either the Browns or Steelers lose out and the Titans win out. A very unlikely scenario.

Seed AFC Record Status / Scenarios
1 New England 14-0 Clinched AFC East and homefield advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs
2 Indianapolis 12-2 Clinched AFC South and first-round bye.
3 San Diego 9-5 Clinched AFC West.
4 Pittsburgh 9-5 Can clinch the North with a win and Cleveland loss. Can clinch a playoff berth if Tennessee loses or Pittsburgh wins and the Titans tie.
5 Jacksonville 10-4 Can clinch a playoff berth with a win or a loss to Tennessee or Cleveland.
6 Cleveland 9-5 Can clinch a playoff berth with a win or a Tennessee loss. If the Steelers lose one and the Browns win out, they win the North.
7 Tennessee 8-6 Life support. Needs help against the Steelers or Browns.