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Umpire scores 2 points on linebacker take down.

What happens when a 232-pound linebacker with over 600 career tackles gets wrestled to the ground by a referee? A grievance. No, seriously. It's nothing to take on a 300-pound lineman looking to take you out. It's nothing to collide with a running back with both going at full speed. An umpire takes a linebacker to the ground. Laughable. Reminds me of that beer commercial where the defense huddles up with one player promising a beer if they get to the quarterback -- or stop the play. Whatever. Then the ref, overhearing the bet in the huddle, takes out the quarterback on his own. Sorry. I just can't bring myself to take a linebacker's grievance on an umpire for being a little too physical seriously. And because YouTube is awesome....

Personally, I think Barnett is embarrassed that he got pwned by an umpire. Two points!