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Tracking Bengals Free Agents and Charting Off-Season Movements

Notes on 2007 Roster and their movements

UPDATE (7.7.08): Bengals cut three; defensive tackles Titus Adams and Michael Marquardt and cornerback Jerrid Gaines.

UPDATE (5.29.08): Bengals release Doug Gabriel and signed CB Jerred Gaines.

UPDATE (5.19.08): Bengals release linebacker Odell Thurman.

UPDATE (5.14.08): Mark Curnutte writes that the Bengals signed long snapper, Tim Bugg -- a college free agent out of Indiana -- to a two-year contract on Wednesday.

UPDATE (5.8.08): Bengals sign Maurice Purify to a two-year deal.

UPDATE (5.6.08): Bengals acquire WR Travis Brown.

UPDATE (5.4.08): Bengals sign three players that participated on a tryout basis. They are DT Antwon Burton, LB Dan Howell and WR Clyde Logan.

UPDATE (5.2.08): Bengals sign eight undrafted college free agents

UPDATE (5.1.08): Bengals release linebackers Roy Manning and Anthony Schlegel.

UPDATE (4.28.08): Bengals release Nick Turnbell and sign Ty Whaley. Also, a quick note. We won't add drafted players until after they sign their contracts.

UPDATE (4.22.08): David Pollack retires from the NFL.

UPDATE (4.21.08): Odell Thurman is reinstated into the NFL.

UPDATE (4.17.08): Fitzpatrick signs one-year tender.

UPDATE (4.15.08): Cardinals sign Bryan Robinson to a two year deal and Chris Manderino signed a two-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

UPDATE (4.12.08): Bengals release Jimmy Verdon.

UPDATE (4.8.08): Bengals sign Doug Gabriel to a one-year deal.

UPDATE (4.7.08): Bengals waive running back Quincy Wilson.

UPDATE (4.3.08): Bengals release Chris Henry and punter Danny Baugher.

UPDATE (3.24.08): Glenn Holt, Rashad Jeanty and Corey Mays signed their one-year exclusive rights contracts.

UPDATE (3.22.08): Colts refuse to match making Ben Utecht a Cincinnati Bengal. Utecht reportedly signed a three-year, $9 million deal.

UPDATE (3.20.08): Bengals sign LB Brandon Johnson and Stacy Andrews sign one-year contracts.

UPDATE (3.12.08): Bengals sign linebacker Roy Manning to a one-year deal.

UPDATE (3.10.08): Bengals sign linebacker Darryl Blackstock to a one-year deal.

UPDATE (3.5.08): Bengals sign punter Kyle Larson to a five-year deal.

UPDATE (3.3.08): Antwan Odom signs with Bengals on a five-year deal worth $29.5 million -- $11.5 guaranteed.

UPDATE (2.29.08): Dhani Jones signs three-year deal.

UPDATE (2.29.08): Madieu Williams leaves Cincinnati for Minnesota. Site news: removed Williams, Tab Perry, Adam Kieft and Dan Burks from the chart.

UPDATE (2.28.08): Bengals make offers for Ryan Fitzgerald and several Exclusive Rights Free Agents -- let Adam Kieft and Tab Perry go
Late this morning, they announced a one-year tender to restricted free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. But the club did not offer tender contracts to wide receiver Tab Perry and offensive tackle Adam Kieft, releasing them to free agency, though the Bengals would like to re-sign Perry at a lower salary. Later this afternoon, the Bengals announced they’ve made tender offers for one-year contract to three exclusive rights free agents: linebackers Rashad Jeanty and Corey Mays and wide receiver Glenn Holt. [Enquirer]

UPDATE (2.22.08): Fanene Signs Three-Year Deal
High-energy defensive end Jonathan Fanene has reached agreement on a three-year contract to remain with the Bengals. Fanene, the team’s seventh-round draft pick in 2005, played in a career-high 14 games last season. He had six total tackles, including one sack in the season finale at Miami. He has played in 21 games with one start and has 14 career tackles. [Enquirer]

UPDATE (2.22.08): Talks between the team and free agents, Landon Johnson and Madieu Williams set to take place.

UPDATE (2.22.08): Bengals and Antonio Chatman agree to a two-year deal.

UPDATE (2.22.08): Bengals and Houshmandzadeh talk extension.

UPDATE (2.18.08): Bengals put Franchise Tag on Stacy Andrews

UPDATE (2.16.08): Talks with Landon slow; Dhani Jones close to signing

UPDATE (2.14.08): Bengals sign Herana-Daze Jones
The Bengals have signed safety Herana-Daze Jones, the team's top special-teams tackler the last two seasons, to a one-year contract. []

UPDATE (2.11.08): Bengals release Roy Manning
The Bengals on Monday waived linebacker Roy Manning. Manning, from the University of Michigan, is a fourth-year NFL player in 2008. He was acquired by Cincinnati on waivers from Jacksonville on Nov. 13 of last season and played in five games, with seven special-teams tackles. []

UPDATE (2.5.08): Bengals sign punter, Danny Baugher
With free-agent punter Kyle Larson still unsigned, the Bengals Tuesday signed Danny Baugher to a two-year deal. []

UPDATE (1.30.08): Bengals sign Jordan Palmer for two years
The Bengals signed quarterback Jordan Palmer — starter Carson Palmer's younger brother — to a two-year contract Wednesday. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, there have been no brother QB tandems to play on the same team in the Super Bowl era. Koy and Ty Detmer were members of the Philadelphia Eagles' squad in 1997, but Koy spent the season on the injured reserve list. [Dayton Daily News]

UPDATE (1.30.08): Chad Johnson's media "trade me" day.

UPDATE (1.26.08): NFL Allows Thurman to workout with team
Linebacker Odell Thurman's journey from a two-year ban has taken another step closer to a return with Saturday's announcement that he has been cleared by the NFL to work out at Paul Brown Stadium. []

UPDATE (1.25.08): Ghiaciuc on his way out?
Word is emerging that Ghiaciuc might be too small to withstand the unrelenting push from huge defensive tackles. [Curnutte]

UPDATE (1.16.08): Bengals offer deals to Landon Johnson and Dhani Jones
The Bengals have made the same contract offer to linebackers Landon Johnson and Dhani Jones, both of whom are eligible for unrestricted free agency beginning Friday, Feb. 29. [Curnutte]

UPDATE (1.2.08): Bengals signed safety Kyries Hebert
Two years after plucking starting linebacker Rashad Jeanty from Canada, the Bengals signed free agent safety Kyries Hebert to a two-year contract Wednesday and issued the following press release. Hebert (6-3, 220; Louisiana-Lafayette) is classified a first-year NFL player. He has played the last four seasons (2004-07) in the Canadian Football League, competing for Ottawa in 2004-05 and for Winnipeg in 2006-07. He was a leading performer on the Winnipeg team that advanced to the 2007 Grey Cup championship game, losing to Saskatchewan. The Blue Bombers had the CFL's second-ranked defense. []

UPDATE (1.1.08): T.Adams, K.Cook, N.Turnbull, D.Uperesa Signed To Off-Season Roster. Two-year contracts.
The Bengals today signed four players to the team’s offseason roster. All four were on the Bengals practice squad as the 2007 season concluded. The four are defensive end Titus Adams (Nebraska), center Kyle Cook (Michigan State), safety Nick Turnbull (Florida International) and offensive tackle Dane Uperesa (Hawaii). [Curnutte's Blog]

Quarterbacks Signed Notes
Carson Palmer 2014  
Ryan Fitzgerald 2008 Offered one-year tender (2.28.08). Signed one-year tender (4.17.08)
Jeff Rowe 2010  
Jordan Palmer 2009 Signed two-year deal (1.30.08)
Running Backs Signed Notes
Rudi Johnson 2009 On the bubble: Reduced production and possible salary cap casualty.
Kenny Watson 2009  
Chris Perry 2009 On the bubble: Limited production and injury issues.
Kenny Irons 2010  
DeDe Dorsey 2008  
Jeremi Johnson 2011  
Ty Whaley 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
Bradley Glatthaar 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
James Johnson 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
Wide Receivers Signed Notes
Chad Johnson 2011  
T.J. Houshmandzadeh 2008  
Antonio Chatman 2009 Signed two-year deal (2.21.08)
Glenn Holt 2008 Signed one-year ER deal (3.24.08)
Marcus Maxwell 2009  
Clyde Logan 2009 Signed two-year deal -- one of three tryout players (5.4.08)
Travis Brown ? Acquired off waivers (5.6.08)
Maurice Purify 2009 Signed two-year deal (5.9.08)
Jerome Simpson N/A  
Andre Caldwell N/A  
Mario Urrutia N/A  
Tight Ends Signed Notes
Reggie Kelly 2009  
Ben Utecht 2010 Signed three-year deal on 3.14.08. Colts refused to match making him a Bengal on 3.22.08.
Daniel Coats 2008  
Nate Lawrie 2008  
Brad St. Louis (LS) 2009  
Matt Sherry N/A  
Tackles Signed Notes
Willie Anderson 2011 On the bubble: Possible retirement or salary cap causality
Levi Jones 2012  
Stacy Andrews 2008 Andrews signs one-year deal (3.20.08). Bengals tag Andrews (2.18.08)
Scott Kooistra 2009  
Dane Uperesa (PS) 2009 Signed two-year contract to the off-season roster (1.1.08)
Anthony Collins N/A  
Guards Signed Notes
Bobbie Williams 2009  
Andrew Whitworth 2009  
Nate Livings ER-FA  
James Blair 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
Centers Signed Notes
Eric Ghiaciuc 2008  
Dan Santucci 2010  
Kyle Cook (PS) 2009 Signed two-year contract to the off-season roster (1.1.08)
James Britt (C/G) 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
Defensive Ends Signed Notes
Antwan Odom 2012 Signed five-year contract (3.3.08)
Robert Geathers 2012  
Jonathan Fanene 2010 Signed three-year contract (2.22.08)
Frostee Rucker 2009  
Eric Henderson (IR) 2008  
Defensive Tackles Signed Notes
John Thornton 2008 On the bubble: Scheduled to make $3.5 million.
Domata Peko 2009  
Michael Myers 2008  
Antwon Burton 2008 Signed one-year deal -- one of three tryout players (5.4.08)
Jason Shirley N/A  
Pat Sims N/A  
Linebackers Signed Notes
Rashad Jeanty 2008 Signed one-year deal (3.24.08) . Offered one-year tender (2.28.08).
Ahmad Brooks (IR) 2009  
Dhani Jones 2010 Bengals offered Jones contract (1.16.08, terms unavailable). Close to re-signing (2.18.08). Signed three-year deal (2.29.08).
Jim Maxwell 2008  
Corey Mays 2008 Signed one-year deal (3.24.08) . Offered one-year tender (2.28.08).
Darryl Blackstock 2008 Signed one-year deal (3.10.08)
Brandon Johnson 2008 Signed one-year deal (3.20.08)
Anthony Hoke 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
Dan Howell 2009 Signed two-year deal -- one of three tryout players (5.4.08)
Keith Rivers N/A  
Angelo Craig N/A  
Five cornerbacks signed for 2008.
Cornerbacks Signed Notes
Johnathan Joseph 2010  
Leon Hall 2011  
Deltha O'Neal 2008  
Blue Adams 2008  
David Jones 2009  
Simeon Castille 2009 Signed as an undrafted college free agent (5.2.08)
Five safeties signed for 2008.
Safeties Signed Notes
Dexter Jackson 2009  
Chinedum Ndukwe 2010  
Marvin White 2010  
Ethan Kilmer (IR) 2009  
Herana-Daze Jones (IR) 2008 Signed one-year contract (2.14.08)
John Busing 2008  
Kyries Hebert 2009 Signed two-year contract to the off-season roster (1.2.08)
Corey Lynch N/A  
Specialty Signed Notes
Shayne Graham 2008  
Kyle Larson 2012 Signed five-year contract (3.4.08)

ER-FA - Exclusive Rights Free Agent
UFA - Unrestricted Free Agent
RFA - Restricted Fee Agent
FA - Figuring out which category of Free Agent the player falls under.

Roster obtained at
Contracts obtained from the NFLPA web site

This is a listing that will chart the players that were on the 2007 roster. It's incomplete right now but I'm filling them in as I go. Players in red are players that are NOT signed with the team next season -- could mean restricted or unrestricted. The heading "Signed" means the season that their final contracts will be played or if they're free agents. This document will last up until Pre-season as a research/summary document and is primarily a factual document -- not an opinion of what should be done; though included are "feelers" that's documented through interviews or sources close to the situation. Once players leave the team either by signing with someone else or simply released, they are removed from the list.