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King blasts Bengals T.J.; says nothing over Welker's receptions during blowouts

King took exception for the Bengals trying to give T.J. Houshmandzadeh the league lead in receptions.

b. Records should be treated with more respect than how the Bengals treated the receptions title Sunday. The Bengals tried to get T.J. Houshmandzadeh the crown over Wes Welker by throwing to him constantly in the last half of the last quarter with an 18-point lead. Just didn't feel right. Carson Palmer threw the ball to him six times in a four-minute span, forcing the last one which would have forced a tie with Welker at 112 catches. But the extended handoff, which the throw was, bounded off Houshmandzadeh's fingertips. Titles should be won not by playing intentionally for stats, but in something approximating the natural flow of the game.

Let's see, how many receptions did Wes Welker have during blowouts?

... the Patriots had a 24-0 lead at half-time over Washington. During the Patriots 28-7 second-half over the Redskins, Welker had three receptions for over 30 yards and a touchdown. Three receptions that King could just as easily say contributed to his share of the receptions title while needlessly piling on the score.

... how about Welker's four receptions on the second to last drive against Pittsburgh while leading 31-13 with 13 minutes left in the game?

... what about the two receptions in the fourth quarter while leading 38-7 against the Buffalo Bills?

... what about the game against the Miami Dolphins in which the Patriots enjoyed a 42-7 lead at half-time. Welker went on to catch three more passes for 38 yards and a touchdown.

... what about the game against the Chargers? While leading 34-14, with over 13 minutes in the fourth quarter, Welker caught three more passes.

I'm not biting on his arguments. He's playing too much of a hypocrites game becoming a perfectionist in double-standards.