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A little snow never hurt anyone

The Cincinnati Enquirer picked up the story about Bengals tickets this year being available and sold at less than face value. Even though the tickets are sold through ticket agencies (who buy games in bulk) and Ebay-like websites, the the two remaining home games (Rams, Browns) are still sell outs -- no television blackouts.

Speaking of color-outs. I work in Dayton, but travel from a city that was once a nice old small town in Mason. What a drive. If it wasn't for the snow piling up with ice pelts slamming into my car, it was the 12 cars off the road I counted. The several lanes shutdown on 75 south. Or the constant slush that imprints itself on my windshield forcing me to clear out my windshield washer fluid reservoir. Then, as you see in the primer, we're going to have a high of 66 degrees at gametime. Most people that have logged years of residency in Ohio typically say, "Don't like the weather, wait until tomorrow." There's no truer description of Ohio than that.

But the snow did bring Santa Claus out of the North Pole for foster children.