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Will the Bengals go after a running back during free agency?

The two-running-back system is one of those "trends" we're seeing in the NFL. You have one guy that can pound third-and-one situations and another that adds versatility. But the logic is, if you alternate backs, you can get better production from the rested backs. Just ask Tiki Barber who believes Tom Coughlin ran him into the ground.

Len Pasquarelli believes that the two-back system may provide dividends to backup running backs when free agency starts two weeks from Friday.

The Cincinnati Bengals, for instance, feel that Rudi Johnson, who has averaged 1,407 yards in the past three seasons but also 346.3 carries per year in that span, probably would be even more productive with a reduced workload. But former first-round choice Chris Perry, the man chosen in 2004 to address that concern, is too often injured. And journeyman Kenny Watson is more a utilitarian No. 3 back than a guy meant to be second on the depth chart.

So it won't be surprising if the Bengals are among the teams interested in acquiring a modestly priced veteran tailback in free agency.