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Updating the Crime in Cincinnati file

Yesterday, Odell Thurman's DUI was updated (post here). Etabby does a nice job explaining why our defense was so awful here.

Today, Johnathan Joseph appears in Boone County court for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. It's only a pre-trial hearing.

The woman that accused Chris Henry of rapping her is in court today on a murder charge -- later thrown out when she admitted it was consensual. She killed a 54-year old male, late last summer, who only paid her half of the agreed amount for sex. This just proves that we should all sit back and wait before immediately casting our exorcism rituals on our boys.

But like Knights in shinning armor, the University of Cincinnati football program just went to number one on the spotlight scale. It was reported this week that allegations of four current football players and four recruits gang-banged a former female soccer player. It was videotaped and "circulated" in dormitories, published reports are saying.

The allegations came from an anonymous letter dated Feb. 14 that was sent to UC president Nancy Zimpher, Daniel Cummins, the director of judicial affairs, and Barbara Rinto, the director of the UC Women's Center. The note was signed, "A Concerned Athletic Department Employee" according to the paper.

The newspaper reported that the letter said the sex acts took place during a party at which alcohol was served, the sex acts were videotaped and the tapes have been circulated in UC dormitories.

There's no allegation of criminal conduct. But that's not the point. What the hell is wrong with this city? Murders, rapes, gang-bangs, drunks, drugs, stabbings, road rage and even riots are all daily concerns. Most of the "leadership" elected promised reduced crime -- even after the Mayor proudly introduced recycling improvement plans. Yet, we keep hitting record highs. I understand most cities have similar crime elements, but damn. Residents are fleeing the city at astronomical rates and businesses have either moved north or into Northern Kentucky. The threat of crime is actually an excuse used by most people to avoid Reds games -- and it's justified. Unreal. Welcome to Cincinnati. You may not make it out alive. O.K., that's a little much. Or is it?

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