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Oh Corey Boy

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Oh Corey boy. How we have such fantastic memories of you threatening to flip burgers and throwing your uniform into the stands like a five-year old that didn't get his Mega-City 6000 Lego Set on Christmas morning. Oh Corey boy. How the little world around you is designed to specifically serve you. Oh Corey Dillon. We miss the times that you pulled yourself out of the game even as the head coach protested that you go back in while the team was near the goal-line.

Oh Corey boy, tell us the meaning of your words.

Dillon says: "Football is the furthest thing on my mind right now. I may wake up and feel the itch and decide I still want to shake it, but as of now, I doubt that will happen."

Dillon's agent says: "He'd love to stick around, if it's the right opportunity (money, money)," Steve Feldman told the MetroWest Daily News. "Last season proved he's still got the pop and the burst to be a primary back."

Patriots' Dillon asks for release, will probably retire [USA Today]