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Lewis opens up about the team's off-season

Whoa, Marvin Lewis speaks. And in many respects, he answered questions that Bengals fans have sought this off-season. It's true, Marvin isn't the most forthcoming head coach in NFL history. He likes to keep all the team's issues close to his chest. In that respect, I don't mind simply because he needs to keep other teams off guard. So when he adds solid information about the team's future, it's both shocking and refreshing.

Lewis confirmed it's very unlikely the team will sign Eric Steinbach.

"The chances of Eric coming back are difficult. It's because of where he and his representation feel they should be compensated," Lewis said.

Lewis, for the first time, explained Odell Thurman's situation. And the more he talks about Odell, the more you get the feeling he'll be back next season in a one-last-chance scenario.

"We're trying to help a young man, I hope, fix his life," Lewis said of Thurman, who is in alcohol rehabilitation.

"We don't want Odell to fix himself for football, because if he fixes himself for football he won't be fixed for very long, because football doesn't last for very long. My biggest concern with Odell Thurman is that he helps himself for the rest of his life. Football could be a part of it, (but) it may not be."

Lewis also assured the defense will play better and the team won't draft character flags. The team doesn't expect David Pollack or Chris Perry in 2007 while they recover from injury. It doesn't sound like the game plan; rather expecting the worse and preparing the season without them.

The free agency period will be mostly resigning their own.

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