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The Bengals are better without Brian Simmons?

If you understand the team's decision to cut ties with Brian Simmons, then perhaps you're a more understanding person than I am. If you're confident that the current group of linebackers will be enough to ensure 2007 success, then you're more confident than I am. If you believe the team is better off by cutting Simmons, then you're more optimistic than I am.

First, the Simmons-less linebacker group.

Odell Thurman While the continuous spin remains that Thurman could be 50/50 on his return, no one has explained Thurman's future. Is he coming back? Are we waiting on him? Is there any reason to promote nothing but spin on Thurman?
David Pollack While his recovery should remain priority #1, it doesn't change the fact that it leaves a massive hole in the team's defensive foundation.
Ahmad Brooks There's no reason for anyone to believe that Brooks will be worth anything in 2007. Hobson even made sure that we were reminded that Brooks wasn't even dressed up in the final two games this season.
A.J. Nicholson Like Brooks, Nicholson's future is a toss up. Is he worth anything? Is he a diamond in the rough? The point is we have no idea.
Rashad Jeanty Was mostly solid on the field during his rookie season. However Jeanty missed some time due to injury.
Andre Frazier Mostly special teams player that offered limited help on the defense.

That's the 2007 linebackers. Welcome. Caleb Miller and Landon Johnson, being restricted free agents are still waiting tenders. But as of right now, are unsigned.

The money saved towards the cap is near $3 million. Hardly enough to sign a comparable replacement. However, the Bengals went from non-factor to potential player in free agency. Unless you take Lewis for his word and believe that the team will remain in the corner of the room -- quiet and out of the way.

If you can tell me we'll be fine, then you're a much more optimistic person than I am.

Perhaps this is one of those things I should just wait and see.