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Porter cut. Destination: Cincinnati?

OK, listen -- well, read -- just for a moment. I'm not suggesting we pick up a player just because of their name. Well, not entirely at least. One of my best buds, as patient as he is to hear my borderline insane rumblings, had to put up with another. As I was driving through a storm that spawned fatal tornados in the South and blizzards in the North, my friend told me that Joey Porter had been released. Now, if it was anyone else for any other team, I'd have the same reaction as Brad Johnson being cut from the Vikings. Big deal, right?

But I think outside the box. It's who I am.

My first question was whether or not Porter commented on this and if there was any bad blood. If so, and if he's ticked at the Steelers for cutting him, why not entertain the idea of bringing him on board? Not only would he fuel the team's motivation against the Steelers twice a year, but we're in need of a veteran linebacker. And I can't believe he'd be too costly.

Of course, I'm just wondering. I pass it on to you: Porter to Cincinnati?