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Is Joe Theismann an idiot?

Yeap, this is a homer post. Is Joe Theismann an idiot? He's the type of analyst that will see one throw, call the guy the greatest QB ever. Then throws a pick and completely reverses his opinion. It's why Tony Kornheiser is my favorite booth head during MNF; not because of his analyses, but because he entertains me by reminding Theismann what he just said.

OK, ok, ok, before both of you start bombarding the comments section about your opinion of your favorite football color guy, let's examine his latest. He wanted to discuss building the perfect quarterback using five qualities; intellect, heart, eyes, arm and legs. In each category, he ranked the top five quarterbacks for each. Players like J.P. Losman, Jeff Garcia and Daunte Culpepper got some play.

The quarterback that missed out, on the list from the guy that forgot how to pronounce his original last name, was Carson Palmer.

Now, rip him a new one.