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Bengals lose DT, draft needs becoming clear

The Bengals will not match the Browns offer on backup defensive tackle Shaun Smith. The Browns offered a deal "believed to be worth more than $8 million over four years". The Bengals won't receive any compensation.

Now that Smith is gone, where does that leave the team at defensive tackle?

On the current roster:

  1. Sam Adams
  2. John Thornton
  3. Domata Peko

That's it. So unless they move players around, the Bengals will likely go after a defensive tackle in the draft. Here's my prediction of the team's drafting by position.

First Round - Cornerback
Second Round - Linebacker
Fourth Round - Defensive Tackle
Fifth Round - Tight End
Sixth Round - Guard
Seventh Round - Quarterback (depending on Anthony Wright)

What do you guys think? Soon SB Nation will be conducting our mock draft; I'll be representing the Bengals. So far, I'm thinking cornerback first. A while ago, I ranked the cornerbacks (post here) in the draft. This is the list I'll use. Although if Patrick Willis is available (LB ranking here), I may go after him instead.