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Bengals sign Alex Stepanovich

The Bengals added their fourth player that played school in the state of Ohio. On Friday, the team signed former Ohio State center Alex Stepanovich to one-year deal. The former 2002 National Championship player seems like a signing that could help the depth we're lacking at offensive line. And he's excited to be here. Quoted in Hobson's latest:

"I love Ohio. I’m a Midwest guy. To me, Cincinnati is similar to Columbus," Stepanovich said. "I love the way Coach Lewis approaches it. He always says, ‘Do your job,’ and that’s the way I see great teams. They punch the clock."

"To be honest, once Cincinnati showed interest, it’s the only place I wanted to go," Stepanovich said. "A lot of the things Coach Lewis said rang in my head after I left Mobile (Senior Bowl) and I was hoping I’d get drafted by them. Coach Alexander knows his stuff and they seem good-natured and care about their players."

As excited as I am to have an OSU alumni come to Cincinnati, it seems Stepanovich left a bad impression in Arizona. If you go through Cardinal fan forums, you'll note that fans aren't too sad to see him go. In fact, some rip him for just being plane horrible. Some comments:

"Maybe they will use him as an example on what not to do ..."
"Camp Fodder?
"Didn't they watch any film on him before they signed him ... ??? "
"I pity the poor bengal fans who read this with optimism...not realizing that Step couldn't keep his job on what started out as the worst line in the League the first eight games of the season..."
"Oh yeah I hope they dont expect big things from him or they have got another thing comin"

Arizona Sports Fans | AZCardinals Forum

The other three that played college ball in the state of Ohio:

John Busing: Miami University
Antonio Chatman: Cincinnati
Andre Frazier: Cincinnati

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