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Porter slugs Levi Jones

ESPN is reporting that Joey Porter is being charged with "misdemeanor battery after he allegedly punched" Levi Jones "in the face Sunday night".

The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Porter was cited for an alleged fight he had with Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Levi Jones.

What are the odds that both are in Las Vegas at the same time? For some reason, I believe there's more to the story we'll hear about later. Here's a guess. Someone had too much to drink. Both saw each other and started trash talking. Porter couldn't handle Jones' impression of Larry Bird and decided to do an Artest. Of course, the coward resorts to physical violence AFTER leaving Pittsburgh.

UPDATE: Now it's being reported, by, that "as many as seven people, including Porter, were involved in an attack of Jones, but police wouldn’t confirm the report and said they were attempting to find out if the incident is on tape."

Although a police report won’t be filed until Friday, Bengals left tackle Levi Jones was not only allegedly punched by Joey Porter Sunday night in a Las Vegas casino but he also told police he was robbed in the attack.

Officer Martin Wright of the Vegas police said Monday that Jones said he had some jewelry stolen in an incident that apparently has roots in on-field trash talking that goes back several years.

So in quick conclusion, Jones was jumped by Porter and six other people, punched him and then robbed him. Classy.

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