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Free Agency Kicks Off

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Like Chick Ludwig, I have no clue what the team plans to do. I can speculate all day. But we have no idea if the team will dip into the free agency pool. And if they do, we can speculate all day whether they'll go after an impact player or just strengthen the depth (a more likely scenario).

This is one of the weaker free agency classes we've had in the NFL. Which means mediocre players will get raises based off the limited supply to the high demand -- especially for impact players. Prisco agrees.

Each offseason as we ready for the open of free-agency, I put together a list of the Top 50 unrestricted free agents. This year, it was tougher than any in the past.


You try and find 50 good players from this class.

Mercury News did a small piece (I mean, really small) about family in the front office. About the Browns (family, not the team):

Cincinnati Bengals -- Katie Blackburn, 41, daughter of owner Mike Brown, is the executive vice president and a salary cap specialist.

Not really sure why I referenced it. Pretty much a shoulder shrug. Sorry to waste your time. 2007 Free Agent Grades