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Jones/Porter tape released. Trends continue. Porter still an assclown.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

A redacted report on the incident Sunday night in Las Vegas regarding an attack on Bengals left tackle Levi Jones was completed late Friday and sent to the district attorney's office.

The report said Jones was gambling at a table at the Palms casino when approached by former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, an on-field rival, Las Vegas Police told The Enquirer.

Video of the incident shows that Porter, now with the Miami Dolphins, struck Jones first above the eye with a closed fist. Several unidentified men then joined in and punched Jones.

The incident was witnessed by a friend of Jones'. The friend was gambling with Jones.

Porter was charged with misdemeanor battery and released.

I'm curious about Phinsider's reaction. The blog has been relatively quiet about the entire incident.