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Theismann out at MNF. YES!

Word has it, with a "person familiar with the decision", that Joe Theismann is out as Monday Night Football's analyst. Now if we can get the other dopes out, we're in business. This reminds me of a post before the Bengals' Monday Night Football against the Colts.

This is a section all to Joe Theismann I found from Paul Katcher.

1 - Utters the phrase "like a Bill Parcells."
1 - Mentions his own playing career
1 - Points out a flaw in a quarterback's mechanics, whether or not the replay backs it up
1 - Says "What impresses me most about..."
1 - Mentions Notre Dame in any capacity
1 - Says he talked to a player/coach earlier in the week
1 - Says "If I'm the [insert team here]..."
2 - Offers a team advice "if they wanna win this game," as if they're on the fence about whether or not they want to win
2 - Refers to his punting career (one punt for one yard in 1985)
2 - Predicts a penalty that goes the other way