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Owners vote for instant replay... permanently

Mike Brown isn't endearing himself to the NFL community, nor Bengals fans -- whatever endearment remains after bitterly spitting a decade worth of futility onto the streets of downtown Cincinnati. This week, owners voted 30-2 to make instant replay permanent. Any guess on who voted against?

The Futility Brothers... Mike Brown and Bill Bidwill.

As a result of the sweeping approval, "all but three stadiums (the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and New York Giants and New York Jets are building new ones) to be equipped with high-definition equipment this season." Kinda makes you wonder if THAT is the reason it was voted against.

Personally, I'm in favor of this. I'd much rather get the call right than complain about the time it takes to review calls -- which, IMHO, is a legitimate argument. After all, replay stops the game in its tracks and enables teams to recuperate that crushes a team's momentum. But Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti said it best, "Instant replay solves more problems than it creates."