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Daugherty: Bengals logo should be "outstretched hand, palm upturned"

Paul Daugherty writes an excellent piece about Mike Brown voting against the "supplemental" plan to increase revenue-sharing. Brown is one half of the group that voted against the plan. The other was Jacksonville's Wayne Weaver. Daugherty's main point is that the Browns (family, not Cleveland) are asking for additional handouts when, compared to the bigger ownership groups, he's done less and demands more.

If you choose to own a team in a place like Cincinnati, don't expect to make the kind of cash you would in New York. Some owners aren't as wealthy as others, if only because they're located in smaller places and/or they don't work as hard.

So it is that Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, whose team plays in a relatively new stadium that was not publicly funded, gives some of his revenues to an owner like Mike Brown, who has a free stadium. So it is that Jerry Jones, who worked hard to revive the Dallas Cowboys brand, shares equally his merchandise revenues with Brown, who works not at all selling his.