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Bengals re-sign Reggie Kelly

I'm one of many who think it really stinks that we're out of contention with the few quality free agents. This period has turned into a race to sign our own. Now, whether you believe signing our guys back is a sign of success in free agency, to me, is a matter of opinion. Sure, we got both Reggie Kelly and Kenny Watson back, but what makes us think that the team will improve? Is it everyone returning from injury and suspensions going to spell success? I believe that is also a justified argument.

But I'm also one of many that understands the position we're in. Our offense, as kickass as it is, will be around, together, for a couple of seasons. That's continuity at its finest. While the offense is getting second helpings, the defense is getting scraps. But you see that with most teams. It's generally the Super Bowl winning teams that find the perfect balance. It's the greats that continue that into dynasties.

Signing Reggie Kelly is a relief. He's a lockerroom favorite and a great sixth blocker. More importantly, it allows us to go after positions in desperate need of help in the draft. But it's very telling when signing Reggie Kelly, at this point, is the highlight of free agency. That's not a slam against Kelly; rather the team's inability to find ways to free up money.

Kelly to return []