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Kaesviharn to New Orleans, Tony Stewart to Oakland?

About two years ago, if we spoke about Kevin Kaesviharn, I would have shrugged my shoulders and moved onto the next topic. It's not that I didn't like him. Rather, he wasn't much of a difference maker. Now he's one of the one most sought out free agent safeties available in free agency after having a career season. I was the same way with Rudi Johnson before 2003. Oh, how times change.

The Sun Herald is acknowledging a rumor that Kaesviharn might be a Saint.

But it might be ex-Cincinnati Bengals safety Kevin Kaesviharn that the Saints will land. He visited the team earlier this week and it's rumored to come down to the Saints, Bengals and Arizona Cardinals.
  • Geoff Hobson is reporting that back-up Tight End is headed to Oakland. My question to Tony is, why Oakland?