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Stacy Andrews visits the NY Jets

Like most of you, there's this unconstrained passion that's brewing. A mob with pitchforks and torches is one pen-to-paper signature away from causing riots. I really believe if Tory James comes back to Cincinnati, the dark side will be too powerful for even Carson Palmer.

Two things of note in Mark Curnutte's blog.

First, the relevant.

Mark reports (well, not reports because blogs are NOT reports, they are observations... "web journal/log"), that Stacy Andrews arrived in New York Monday night to visit the Jets. Here's the important thing of note: If the Jets offer a deal and Andrews signs, then the Bengals get a second-round pick. If the Jets offer a deal, and the Bengals match, how much would that cost and could the cap starving Bengals pony up a deal? In other words, how important is our best backup lineman?

Second, the irrelevant.

James is "close" to signing with New England.