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Andrew Whitworth is "eager"

Since Eric Steinbach did the unconscionable and signed with that team up North, Marvin Lewis and company have been tasked with finding a replacement. And while it's hard to replace a multiple, pro-bowl alternate guard, it's not impossible. In fact, many believed Steinbach's replacement was already on the team. The question is who? Stacy Andrews started for the injured Bobbie Williams against New Orleans (win), Cleveland (win) and Baltimore (win). Andrew Whitworth is the other.

Whitworth showed his versatility as a rookie, gaining valuable experience with 10 starts at left tackle and two starts at left guard.

Now he's prepared to replace left guard Eric Steinbach, who bolted to Cleveland in free agency.

"There's an open spot on the line, and I want to be in it," Whitworth said. "It's going to take work and I understand that there's other guys going for it."