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Bengals look at Michael Myers, Laurie Strode moves again

Considering the Bengals are worried about character, taking a look at Michael Myers is a bit of a shock. Myers' resume is pretty extensive. At six years old, Myers murdered his older sister and was admitted to a mental hospital. Fifteen years later, he escaped the hospital to find his younger, Laurie Strode. His doctor, Dr. Sam Loomis, eventually took him down, but the body was never found. He later showed up at the hospital that Laurie was transported to and continued his desperate search for his loving sister. That was when Loomis found Myers inside a room full of oxygen tanks and ignited a lighter taking both out.

Even that proved to be difficult as Myers returned ten years later looking for Jamie, Laurie's daughter. Again, Loomis knocked ol' Myers down and a year after that, Myers was finally imprisoned.

Myers has incredible durability; a sowing needle through the neck, six-shots and a one-story fall from a balcony, an explosion that takes out an entire hospital wing, an assault from 10 cops all with shotguns, a dozen shots to a board in the face, decapitation, enough lethal drugs to kill a 2 ton elephant were never enough to take Myers off the field.

The biggest red flag here, is character issues... obviously.

From the Denver Post

The Broncos' only free agent might not be free much longer. Defensive tackle Michael Myers was in Cincinnati on Monday night visiting with the Bengals.