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Quickly Breaking Down 89 Different Mock Drafts

Mock, mock, mock. What's the fascination with mock drafts? Is it empowerment for the fans and writers? Is it something to do after the initial free agency buzz and before the actual draft? We all do it. We love it. That's why, as the hardest working Cincinnati Bengals blogger on the net, I tallied 89 different mock drafts to see which players were mostly targeted.

Here's a breakdown...

Darrele Revis: 15, CB - my pick!
Leon Hall: 11, CB
Alan Branch: 8, DT
Adam Carriker: 7, DE
Chris Houston: 7, CB
Lawrence Timmons: 7, LB
Amobi Okoye: 5, DT
Jon Beason: 4, LB
Paul Posluszny: 4, LB
Greg Olsen: 4, TE
Justin Harrell: 3, DT
Reggie Nelson: 3, FS
Jamaal Anderson: 2, DE
Jarvis Moss: 2, DE
Aaron Ross: 2, CB
Patrick Willis: 2, LB
LaRon Landry: 1, DB
Quentin Moses: 1, DE
Quinn Pitcock: 1, DT

A position breakdown.

Defensive Backs: 39
Linebackers: 17
Defensive Line: 29
Tight End: 4