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Bengals to announce Michael Myers signing

Today, the Bengals will announce the signing of one, Michael Myers. Here's his numbers via

1998 Dallas 16 15 3
1999 Dallas 6 8 0
2000 Dallas 13 34 0
2001 Dallas 16 54 3.5
2002 Dallas 16 35 1
2003 Cleveland 8 15 3
2004 Cleveland 16 33 1
2005 Denver 16 31 1
2006 Denver 16 57 2
TOTAL   123 282 14.5

As we know, numbers for a defensive tackle are a tad bit over-rated (see Sam Adams). A big fatty on the defensive front has one objective... clog the line of scrimmage. It's hard to rank linemen because that's a position not dictated by numbers. From a Bengals perspective, holding up offensive linemen at the LOS has been a constant problem.

Myers' agent, Drew "next question" Rosenhaus, said of Myers:

"Obviously it's a team that has a chance to go to the playoffs and with Shaun Smith no longer there he should get some significant time in the rotation," Rosenhaus said. "There's not a lot of depth at defensive tackle in the NFL and I know the Bengals are happy to get a player of Michael's caliber. It seems like whenever I start talking with Troy Blackburn we get something done."

John, blogger of Mile High Report, spoke well of Myers as a solid rotation guy calling him steady with a great work ethic. Let's reexamine the Bengals defensive tackle rotation.

Starters: Sam Adams, John Thornton
Backups: Domata Peko, Michael Myers
If needed: Bryan Robinson

I believe this signing will push defensive tackle backwards on the board. Rather than a need, a defensive tackle can be drafted to "groom". But do you pull the trigger if Alan Branch or Amobi Okoye fall to #18?

The two-year contract:

Myers, who spent the last two years with Denver, got a $100,000 signing bonus as part of a $1.65 million package that agent Drew Rosenhaus hammered out with Troy Blackburn, the Bengals' director of business development.

In other free agency news, Ed Hartwell landed in Cincinnati Thursday night and plans a physical and greeting sessions with the organization Friday. From appearances, assumptions and presumptions, it appears the Bengals will have Hartwell signed by this weekend.

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