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Quick Day One Reactions

The first day wasn't without surprise. However, it was a nice surprise rebuilding the team's running game. But a surprise none-the-less.

Mel Kiper Jr. said we had the second best decision during the first day: Although, I wouldn't call it a decision. I'd call it a fantastic day of destiny... but I'm a sucker for theatrical phrases.

2. The Cincinnati Bengals had cornerback Leon Hall fall to them with the 18th overall pick. I had Hall rated higher than Darrelle Revis, who went to the New York Jets at No. 14. Getting Hall without having to trade up to get him turned out to be a very good move for the Bengals.

Most of the media is, at least, talking about how the Bengals did a good job picking up great talent with great character -- see, I told you the combination does exist.

Fox Sports ranked Leon Hall as the 10th best player in the draft -- a steal. However, they ranked Kenny Irons as the 72nd best -- a stretch? He was the third running back taken in front of guys like Tony Hunt and Antonio Pittman. Remember, those are rankings based on FoxSports. So take it for a grain of salt.

One thing though, Kenny Irons seems like he's very modest -- which is important for personalities to succeed in the blue collar majority in Cincinnati.

"I’m so happy," Irons said. "All my friends and family are here. I’m trying to smile a lot to hold back the tears. But it’s been great and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s been awesome."

Although I think Paul Daugherty, like most of us, has finally lost his mind.

Mark Curnutte on the other hand, didn't take drafting offense too well. In fact, he says "Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown had no business drafting offense on Day 1" calling it a "mistake". He makes good points, such as players being unrestricted free agents after 2007 or players on the very tail end of their careers. But I challenge anyone to doubt the potency of the later rounds.

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