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Chris Henry says you're not a true fan if you've "scratched your head" about him

His words. Not mine. I'd never suggest a world of fans should resemble a Gattaca spinoff. He said:

"The fans who you say are 'scratching their heads' really aren’t true fans, I guess, but I want to thank all the fans that supported me, which I still have a lot of with everything going on, still standing behind me."

Look, I know what he's trying to say -- if you worry about my off-the-field crap and judge me on that, then you're not acting like a fan. A fan cheers radically on Sunday's when you score one of nine season touchdowns. Everything else, is my deal. That used to be the case pre-blogging and message board phenomenon, but not anymore. And keep in mind, he's not all that bright. If he were, he'd avoid trading jabs with Bengals fans who tire of reading reports about his arrests with a danish and cup of steaming hot coffee -- who've taken the blunt (total pun) of his antics from Steelers fans. Chris, that's no fun.

All in all, reports following the sit down between Henry and Roger Goodell went well. I wouldn't expect anything else. If you're sent to the principal's office, you'll do everything you can to control the damage you've done and the consequence you're about to absorb. But, what else could he have done?

Now Henry, in the span of weeks, is a matured family man. All I have to say is, good for you. However, we hear the constant apologizes from athletes and celebrities that go to alcohol/drug rehab for insulting a class of people. In other words, prove it!

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