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Come, Colin Cowherd. Come to Cincinnati.

Surely you heard it by now. The ramblings of Colin Cowherd drew ire from Cincinnatians when he to ripped the city to shreds.

• "What is it with Cincinnati? ... For how small a city it is, is it me or does Cincinnati have a disproportionate number of bottom-feeders and low-level gutterballs?"

• "Jerry Springer, Pete Rose, the Bengals, Bob Huggins, wild chick on an airplane, Larry Flynt ... They're not serial killers, they just have no class."

• "I mean, I live in a city that's essentially the same size, Hartford. We don't have half the problems, half the weirdos."

• "I mean, it's just boring. People get in trouble. It's just boring."

Take for what it is. An act of shock joke rambling because the unlimited discussions of sports escapes him. Rather than being a sports talk show host, he'll provide the lessons Jerry Springer taught us years ago by shocking you with trash in the media. Which is fine. If you have a limited capacity to speak on something related to sports talk, then do something else. Like trash an entire city and piss off their residents. Like stealing from blogs and crediting as your own -- and being a prick when the original author asks for credit. I'm sure now, you're getting a lesson in spam with obnoxious emails (Cowherds email: We Cincinnatians are a proud folk. And we'd be proud to welcome you into our city and drop you off at Over the Rhine while you try to play catch with Mark Mallory. I mean, you're an honorable man, right?

And I question one other thing. There's a difference in half a million in terms of area residents between Hartford and Cincinnati... that's hardly "essentially the same size." In fact, from 1990-2000, Cincinnati's metropolitan area residents grew 8.9% whereas Hartford was a staggering 2.2%. Hartford has poverty problems too; 28.2% of Hartford residents are below the poverty level. Compare that to Cincinnati that's 10% less. Hartford has a median household income of $24,820 with 45,036 households... Cincinnati has a median of $29,493 with 147,979 total households.Not only is Cincinnati much bigger than Cowherds assertion of "essentially the same size", but people are better of economically. So, in other words, Hartford sucks!

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