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Thurman's road has another pit stop in Cincinnati

Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis, has always resolved to provide little, if any, gossip/fodder about his team. Some complain about it to no end. Others understand why. A small group just don't give a damn as long we win on Sundays. I'm a combination of all three. If information obtained by the enemy helps the Bengals to lose, then Marvin looks like an idiot. If it doesn't matter one way or another, then Lewis isn't forthcoming. Either way, he's a pickle on this monster information super-highway with thousands of baby birds chirping at mom for some food.

At times, he'll point all of us in one direction while something entirely different takes place. For example, there were rumors going around that Odell Thurman had violated the NFL's substance abuse policy last off-season. Up until the actual announcement before training camp, Lewis maintained that it was all just rumor. The news came out and Lewis confirmed. There's no doubt he'll do and say whatever to protect his players... as he should. And it honestly doesn't make one bit of a difference if Joe, Frank, Susie, Louis or Bobby Jo know if Thurman is returning in May provided he's either here or gone by September.

However, it does seem the "he's currently not on this team" rhetoric had toned down with Thurman saying he has an "opportunity".

"I have been in contact with Odell and he has an opportunity to be reinstated. He'll have had to have really followed the very strict NFL guidelines in order to get to that point, and then obviously if he is reinstated to go forward. And if that happens, he'll have an opportunity," Lewis said. "We're still probably a couple of months away from that, and we'll see what happens toward the middle of July."

"He's doing very well ... he's learned quite a bit about life, I'd say."

Geoff Hobson goes one further saying he's all but cleared.

Word is that Thurman has already applied for reinstatement and that he has been recommended for reinstatement by those in charge of the NFL’s rehab program, but he must remain clean until July 11.

If Thurman comes back... talk about sudden optimism on the defense.

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