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Deltha O'Neal isn't a very good poker player

Adam Schefter, in his latest Network piece, confirmed what Paul Daugherty said in yesterday's op/ed.


Attendance at Cincinnati's voluntary Organized Team Activities revealed that Bengals cornerback Deltha O'Neal has been absent this week, missing three days of drills and counting.

O'Neal is in the process of switching agents, which is nothing new to him. Since he entered the NFL in 2000, O'Neal has had at least three different agents -- James Sims, Michael Sullivan, Joby Branion. Now O'Neal is in the process of choosing his fourth, if that decision hasn't been made already.

Earlier this offseason, O'Neal wanted a new contract to replace the one that has two years remaining on it with the Bengals. At the same time, Cincinnati discussed dealing O'Neal to Atlanta.

So O'Neal is in search of a new contract, Cincinnati is in search of improvements to its 31st-rated pass defense last season, the Bengals have shopped him, and O'Neal has been a no show for OTA's.

It all makes it, at best, uncertain that O'Neal will return to Cincinnati, where the Bengals have used their past two first-round draft picks on cornerbacks, Johnathan Joseph last year and Leon Hall this year.

Nice job, Deltha. Here's the funny part. O'Neal is missing camp, for the justified assumption that he wants a reworked deal. Not only has he quickly worn out his Cincinnati welcome, but it doesn't appear anyone wants to work out to deal to trade for him either. If the Bengals cut ties, I doubt O'Neal would get a deal similar to the expected $2,400,000 he'll earn in 2007 (he's scheduled to make $1,600,000 in 2008, the final season on the existing contract).

See, Deltha fell into a trap without pulling guards. He figured after his Pro Bowl season, he had the upper hand to demand more. Then he stank in 2006 while being attached as one of nine bad apples. Next time, actually have an advantage, Deltha.