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Police: Hello A.J., its been a long time.

You could come up with all sorts of words to describe A.J. Nicholson's latest arrest for fourth-degree assault against a woman in Taylor Mills, Kentucky. He was "accused of striking a woman in the eye at his apartment". Luckily for Nicholson, she does "not want to press charges". I'm usually one to promote cooler heads and wait until the entire story comes out... like everyone was "poking" fun at each other... but it ceased to become fun and games when someone lost an eye. But if they're friends, or whatever, would the cops be necessary? Who knows?

Nicholson was arrested last year after breaking into a former FSU teammate's house to, as he says, get his stuff back. Who knows what happened there, but if that story is true, then that's one of those oddball scenarios that you're willing to try and understand. Regardless, he was placed on two years probation after that, which may have been broken after Friday's arrest.

Call him, idiot, moron, jackass, numb-nuts, nincompoop; any word you can think of that would point out intellectual deficiency knowing the instant headlines a player would make if arrested.

With Roger Goodell's tougher personal conduct policy and Marvin Lewis' kick to cleanse the clubhouse, and Nicholson's barebones participation on this team, I would bet he'll be cut before the start of the season.

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