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As Henry and A.J. Turn...

UPDATE: NICHOLSON WAIVED: A few hours after A.J. Nicholson pleaded not guilty to a domestic violence charge Monday, the Bengals released the second-year linebacker. (

UPDATE: HENRY STILL IN "COMPLIANCE": The Bengals say that as far as they know, Chris Henry is in compliance with his legal matters and that Monday’s reports about the embattled wide receiver "may not be based on complete information.""To date, to the Club’s knowledge, Chris has been complying with those procedures, and the Club is not aware at this point of any circumstance in which Chris has not complied with his obligations," the club said in a statement. (

[editor's note: this has been the least boring Monday in a long time]

UPDATE: AGENT DENIES: The smell of fish is nauseating. Henry's agent Marvin Frazier told's John Clayton that he didn't fail a drug test. Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson, well, his office, has backed off the statement that Henry failed a test. Now he's waiting for a "second test". A suddenly curious situation. From Edmondson said he may have been given bad information, but he was still working to track down the correct details. Edmondson promised to get the story straight and release the truth this afternoon. (WLWT)

UPDATE: A.J.'s GIRL SPEAKS: "I'm embarrassed to tell you that I was extremely emotional when I contacted police and that caused me to exaggerate what had taken place between A.J. and myself," Victoria Johnson said, according to WLWT-TV in Cincinnati. Johnson said she was trying to grab a cell phone away from Nicholson and accidentally struck herself below her eye. (

ORIGINAL: So, Chris Henry (sigh). You know, there's one major difference between Chris Henry and Odell Thurman. Yes, both are poster boys to the Bengals criminal element. While Chris Henry continues to embarrasses the team, Odell Thurman has nearly everyone convinced, including head coach Marvin Lewis, that he's welcoming his second chance. Consider, after his DUI on September 25th and year long suspension, Thurman has entered alcohol rehab in Georgia and remained off the police blodder. He's been silent and the only headlines that come with his name attached to it, is Lewis' reactions -- he's not on the team, he'll have an opportunity now. It even prompted Lewis to say recently, "He's doing very well ... he's learned quite a bit about life, I'd say." Nearly everyone I come across is willing to give Thurman that second chance because we believe he's going to take advantage of it.

But, Chris Henry (sigh) fails a drug test.

Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has failed a court-ordered drug test, Kenton County prosecutors said today.

The failed drug test would be the third violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. A third violation, per league rules, results in a one-year suspension. reports that Henry will now be forced to serve the remaining 88 days of his original 90-day sentence.

Suspended Bengals receiver Chris Henry failed a court-ordered drug test and will have to serve 88 days in jail.

Kenton County (Kentucky) Attorney Garry Edmondson said that Henry tested positive for opiates and he will be forced to serve jail time.

I think at this point, Marvin has no one to blame but himself. It's honorable that Lewis gives these kids second chances. But when they dishonor Lewis by doing the same thing over, and over, and over again, then it's time to cut the rope and let Henry plunge to his NFL death.

In other Bengals aren't really in trouble all the time news..
A.J. Nicholson pleaded not guilty to a domestic violence charge. The mother of his 2-year old child, the woman that A.J. punched in the eye, appeared in court but did not testify. The woman has recanted her story but the judge is proceeding with the charge. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May 31.