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Ed Hartwell signs with the Bengals

Finally, as we suspected for a long time, the Bengals and Ed Hartwell agreed to a one-year deal Thursday. Geoff Hobson says that Hartwell will play the "right outside spot". Hartwell is expected to replace Brian Simmons as the veteran outside linebacker.

Add that with the Bengals moving Eric Henderson to outside linebacker -- a player some have compared to as an Adalius Thomas type of player.

Eric Henderson can make his linebacker debut in Friday’s double sessions because he spent last season on the practice squad and is viewed as a first-year player during a stint that impressed his coaches enough to move him from defensive end to outside linebacker.

"He’s a guy that’s a little undersized to play on the line all the time," said defensive line coach Jay Hayes. "But he’s got good quickness and pass rush skills. He can come back down with me on third down (pass-rush drills) and probably not miss a step. That’s an advantage for him because he’s already done it for a year on this level."

"We’re going to try him at that position. He’s always been a defensive end, so we’ll see what happens," Hayes said. "He’s shown he can do the things you need to do there. He can stand up, he can drop, he can run. The guy’s a big, physical man who can move."

Since draft day, the Bengals have been active at linebacker. Labeled a character guy that landed on the practice squad (not active roster) of an NFL Europe team, Jason Berryman was cut. However, since the conclusion of the NFL draft, the Bengals signed Earl Everett, Matt Muncy and Cameron Siskowic. We've gone wacky with linebackers.

  • Ahmad Brooks
  • Earl Everett
  • Andre Frazier
  • Eric Henderson
  • Rashad Jeanty
  • Landon Johnson
  • Caleb Miller
  • Matt Muncy
  • A.J. Nicholson
  • David Pollack
  • Cameron Siskowic
  • Odell Thurman

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