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Taking a tour in the land of football

Money, money, money. The latest funny money story comes from Oakland where wide receiver Jerry Porter wants to swap his jersey number from 84 to 81... because he needs those materialistic things to get that psychological edge of having a "fresh start". But compared to last year, wouldn't playing football and not being an ass be the fresh start he's seeking? In order for that fresh start to happen, Porter said he'd have to pay $210,000 for the compensation of unsold Reebok jersey's.

Yea, I know. Changing jersey numbers is one thing, but now paying the apparel provider money because of lack of merchandise sales? Now we've truly entered the NFL-is-way-too-greedy-by-signing-ridiculous-large-dollar-sponser-contracts era.

At the same time, if Porter grows up and realizes that the number of jersey really has nothing to do with your talent or attitude, then I'm sure he'll move on and might actually sell over ten jersey's before next season. Then again, did Superman use his talents without his cape?

Don't get me wrong, an owner like Mark Cuban, to me, is a fan's owner. I know that most people feel he's annoying because he's always visible. And I'm not real sure how Mavs fans feel about their owner. But from an outsider's perspective, it appears that Cuban is as much a fan as he is an owner. And remember, ownership in Cincinnati (Reds and Bengals) has been dreadful for many, many years. You can see that with his reactions on the court-side -- which is another point from the Cuban-is-freaking-annoying crowd.

However, if the world's greatest promoter, Vince McMahon failed to create a football league to compete with the NFL, what makes us think Mark Cuban will succeed?

First failed concept... the proposal to play Friday night games. This alone would doom the league. What I don't understand is that Cuban owns a team in football-heavy Texas. Cincinnati is heavily involved in high school football... much more than college football in most respects. Texas and Ohio are very similar in their traditional football love. Playing on Friday nights would, in my opinion, be the greatest failure if this league is conceived.

"That's not to say it will be easy. It won't," Cuban wrote. "We still have to cover quite a bit of ground and have a lot of milestones to hit. That said, if we can get the right owners I obviously think we can make this work."

The only model, in my opinion, that works creating a new league is to abandon the idea of competing against the NFL... to start. If you develop a new league with the intention of directly competing to the NFL, you'll fail miserably. And there's enough historical evidence to confirm that. And Brian agrees.

First of all, my internet navigation skills are severely lacking. For example, I head to to read Hashmarks. Here's the funny thing, I have the hardest time finding it. There's nothing on the front page. So I head to the NFL section and in the top right hand corner, sits small picture of the blog. That space is usually allocated for headline stories when they're not promoting their own brand. Which makes me wonder, is this blog simply a test or is there someplace else we can navigate to? .
And no, I didn't bookmark it either because I tend to wait before bookmarking only because if I saved everything I read once, then it would be a disaster of a Bookmarks/Favorites folder.

So far, Mosley has touched on "Pit Bull Knowledge", Vick looking for home in Wyoming, Tank Johnson's nutritional diet and plenty of reader feedback. I think he's doing a fine job. But it's not really doing much for me at this point.

So, if you and six of your buddies have a dispute with someone, pop him in the face and jump him from behind, what's your consequence? Jail? Loaded fine? How about pleading no contest and paying $1,000? Yea... just... yea. Rest assured though, Roger Goodell will keep the power of consistency included in the Personal Conduct Policy... won't he?

Checking out Pro Football Talk's Turd Watch, the Steelers are still in first place with 24 points -- five more than the second place Bengals.. in the AFC North. In the AFC, there's four teams with more Turd points than Cincinnati -- Denver, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Jacksonville. Yet, if you look at the NFC, the Turdlings are fewer. Which makes me think, do Turds have anything to do with on-field success? Still, why are we the poster children of conduct issues when PFT hands out more Turd points to other teams?

You know by now that Roger Goodell is full of laxatives after finding out that the NFLPA went from stanch supporters of the Conduct Policy to backing a reduced sentence for Pacman Jones during his appeal. I'm sure you've already read a portion of the letter from the NFLPA to Goodell.. so for the sake of beating Barbarosa, "Your suspension of Jones without pay for the entire 2007 season is clearly excessive and much greater than discipline imposed upon other players for the same or similar incidents"

The generic Personal Conduct Policy comes down to one thing... one man solely responsible for a player's suspension with no guideline for what violation brings what suspension. Wild interpretation of a commissioner's perspective of rightful reaction is extremely slippery and it shocked me that the the Player's Association had agreed to such vagueness.

The NFLPA supporting Jones' appeal doesn't shock me either. I believe the NFLPA supported the Commissioner to show the unified front -- mainly so they aren't hounded with questions why they didn't support a tough conduct policy guideline. Now, they are riding into town as saviors to the players while questions are pointed towards Goodell and his policies as, possibly, being too arbitrary. Who knows. Regardless, this could get very interesting.

Will concludes that the NFLPA is supporting Jones simply to appear that they are backing their players.


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