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Chad vs. Horse. Yes, Chad. Racing a Horse.

Some say that Chad Johnson is a complete jack-ass. I don't agree, but that's their own opinion. However, Chad will be racing against the jack-ass' cousin, a horse, to benefit Feed the Children -- "an Oklahoma City-based charity that provides food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities to children around the world."

No, Chad isn't riding the horse. He's actually racing AGAINST the horse. Yeap. Chad. We love him. And you have to believe that Chad thinks he has a chance. Yeap. That's Chad.

As part of the fund-raiser, Johnson has donated sports memorabilia that will be sold at silent auction; River Downs will make a donation to Feed the Children; and Restore the Roar's owner, Patricia Glenn, will donate a portion of the horse's earnings this year to the Marvin Lewis Foundation, a fund run by the Bengals' head coach that aids youth organizations and nonprofit groups in the Cincinnati area.

This team holds more benefits and does more charitable work to help the community than they are recognized for. Idiots and talking points artists ensure the black eye never heels for this team by totally avoiding stories that makes Cincinnati look good. And as long as phonies like Colin Coward continue to slam cities while holding onto his estrogen spray in the backseat of his GEO Metro, then they'll continue to play the role of idiot that jacks up controversy because the ratings would suffer terribly.

But I also know, in a way, I'm enabling the problem by not going out of my own way to promote the good when it happens. So we're creating a new "Charity" section that will balance out the bad. Hopefully.