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Thurman's sentence reduced, applauding his rebound

Odell Thurman has really been given a bad rap... at least been getting more flack than he deserves. I say that because he's run ins with the law have been over-stated -- just one DUI (which I'm not saying is a good thing). His battle has been between him and the league regarding substance abuse -- which as we're seeing in modern football, is becoming more prevalent.

I'm not making excuses for him, but I really believe that he's unfairly grouped with someone like Chris Henry. And

Thurman's previous 90-day jail sentence has been reduced to six days in treatment. This in conjunction after having "completed an in-patient treatment program as well an intensive outpatient treatment."

Some of you may hate the guy for being so much a distraction. But he appears to be rounding his life and soon, he'll have the opportunity to resume his NFL career. And most of you have to agree, the ceiling for his potential is nearly unlimited.

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