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Kicking off weekend minicamp

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A question many have is whether we'll have the 2005 Deltha O'Neal or the 2006 version. He's back in Cincinnati for the mandatory weekend minicamp. Deltha says he wasn't so bad in 2006, he's not happy that Marvin aired his issues with O'Neal to the press and was disappointed for not getting a raise after 2005. Other than that..............

Also, in Hobson's latest, it appears there's some bad news about Chris Perry: "Marvin Lewis said running back Chris Perry is looking at starting his second straight season on the physically unable to perform list (PUP) and miss the first five games and six weeks of the regular season." (

Hello, Kenny

Still hurt

  • Frostee Rucker "wasn't dressed with a bruised shoulder and knee".
  • Levi Jones rehabbing injured knee from last season.
  • Rudi Johnson, stomach virus.
  • Jeremi Johnson, sore hamstring.
  • Madieu Williams, sore hamstring.
  • Reggie Kelly is "ill".
  • Ronnie Ghent and Terrence Whitehead "are believed to be trying to get their foot injuries from last season squared away."
  • Greg Brooks, knee scoped.

Best quote: "We were humbled last year," (Reggie) Kelly said of missing the playoffs. "Guys' attitudes have changed."

Chick Ludwig provides his "five pressing issues facing the club":

  1. Secondary... is it Leon Hall or Deltha O'Neal?
  2. Linebacker... competition between 10 linebackers for "six or seven spots".
  3. Who will be that #3 wide receiver while Chris Henry is on vacation?
  4. The arrival of Kenny Irons.
  5. Back up Tight End.. who will replace Tony Stewart?