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Keeping NFL criminals in perspective

Troubled times, indeed. Let's quickly examine the corruption of character in the NFL.

After Chris Henry was falsely accused of assaulting a 16-year old boy and wrongly de-famed by an over-anxious prosecutor, Odell Thurman was wrongly accused of assaulting some homies during a party in Georgia. In reflection, nothing changed with Thurman and Henry's latest public episode was simply an act that caused Marvin Lewis to claim the city was profiling his players. Now Quincy Wilson is charged for not dispersing when police asked a large, gathering, crowd to leave. As far as the facts are known, place this under the "whatever" file; at the present. I'm sure he was breaking some law.. you know, like being in a crowd of people. Don't tell the MSM that's getting off telling all of us that it makes "10" Bengals arrested. Of course, we don't have Tank Johnson.. so, that means something. In summation, everything is quiet in Cincinnati.

So let's look at the league in general.

We could go on.

The Bengals may be some poster child of someone that gets off on players getting arrested. But in reality, we hold the quantity, but quality (seriousness) of arrests, is hardly something the Bengals hold.