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Rejoining the on-the-field perspectives

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In reality, I know I speak more about the Bengals recent arrest records. I mean, those are the breaks. However, I wanted to bring back some perspective -- mostly for my own sake. So here's a list of quality things about the Bengals -- on the field.

  • Carson Palmer is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league.
  • Chad Johnson is a great entertainer... oh, and somewhat of a quality receiver. And can outrun a horse.
  • Willie Anderson is coming off a season that earned four-straight Pro Bowls.
  • 95% of all NFL players only wish to be a quality human being like Madieu Williams.
  • Rudi Johnson is a madman breaking and owning all sorts of franchise running back records.
  • We have Michael Myers -- the most durable murderer in cinematic history.
  • T.J Houshmandzadeh has the best pony tail in the NFL. Oh, and he's a damn fine receiver. Some Bengals fans claim he's better than Chad.
  • Bob Bratkowski is the most under-rated (and hated in Cincinnati) offensive coordinator in the league.
  • The Bengals have cred -- OK, that was cheap.
  • Tab Perry, if healthy, is one of the best kick returners in the league.
  • Jeremi Johnson is well on his way to surpassing the likes of Lorenzo Neal as the best blocking full back in the NFL.
  • The Bengals have two cornerbacks that could become the greatest duo of shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL.
  • Odell Thurman is every bit as good as a linebacker as Shawn Merriman -- minus the sacks, of course.
  • No team can recover from appendectomies like the Bengals.

More? Let's here them.