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Setting the stage for 2007

If there's one thing in this world I tire of, it's the repetitive reminders of the road the Bengals have traveled. Yes, we've dealt with crappy teams. Yes, we've had it up to here with ownership. Yes, we were embarrassed when responding to the question, "who's your favorite team". And there's really no point in reminding us of our semi-trashy roots. It's deviates from recreation and it prompts ridiculous amounts of tyrannical responses.

Remove DUI's and small bags of pot, you remove the title of "posterchild" from the conscience of the self-righteous sports fan. The Bengals are similar with every team in that we have our off-the-field problems that superseded a stretch of schotty play. From a historical perspective, this team mirrors the history of nearly every franchise -- except we're viewed as taking losing and conduct to the extreme. And honestly, there's probably some truth to that.

Josh Nichols does a good job representing the team's future. While reiterating the tiresome summary of the team's golden brick road from 2002 to now, Josh spents his time setting up the stage of a 2007 Bengals that will simply, kick ass.