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Setting up Bengals 2007 Roster

With a month still remaining before training camp kicks off, it would seem premature to challenge Nostradamus on a projected 53-man roster. So what we're going to do in the meantime, is set up a progress sheet that will rise and fall based off information before and after training camp. Our hope is to project the 53-man roster based off news and information that comes down the sally port. Roster positions are based on

Bold means starter and italics means the player is on the "hot seat" -- hot seat does not exclude practice squad possibilities. * stands for rookies.

2006 Final Roster

Quarterback (4) - The Bengals started 2006 with three quarterbacks. Doug Johnson will likely be the backup primarily because of experience over Jeff Rowe. This will be the least interesting position battle. Um, hello?!

  1. Carson Palmer
  2. Doug Johnson
  3. Jeff Rowe *
  4. Jeff Smith *

Running Back (6) - It's expected that Chris Perry will join IR when the season kicks off. That likely means Quincy Wilson will find a roster spot for depth reasons. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he lands on either the practice squad or is cut based off his recent arrest. Something to note here. The Bengals opening roster in 2006 had only three running backs (four if you include Jeremi Johnson). With Jeremi, it would likely be Rudi, Kenny Irons and Kenny Watson making the opening roster. What happens when Perry gets back is the more interesting question. Will they remove a roster spot at another position to keep four running backs? After all, you can't cut a running back simply because Perry returns. God knows, he'll be back on IR once he plays more than two plays. Or, more boldly, will the team just be done with him?

  1. Rudi Johnson
  2. Kenny Irons *
  3. Kenny Watson
  4. Quincy Wilson
  5. Dan Burks *
  6. Chris Perry - Likely starting season on IR.

Full Back (3)

  1. Jeremi Johnson
  2. Chris Manderino
  3. Stan White *

Wide Receiver (11) - Last year, the Bengals opening roster included six wide receivers. I would expect them to start with six again -- with Henry not included. This position is one that requires a lot of education on the pratice field. Will Chatman be one of the guys cut based on the depth? Will Reggie McNeal remain on the team after his name has been among those arrested? Jesse Holley and Skyler Green are two variables to keep an eye on -- Green for his return abilities.

  1. Chad Johnson
  2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  3. Tab Perry
  4. Bennie Brazell
  5. Glenn Holt
  6. Antonio Chatman
  7. Skyler Green
  8. Reggie McNeal
  9. Jesse Holley *
  10. Tony Kays *
  11. Chris Henry - Starting season with eight-game suspension.

Tight End (4) - Whether you agree with it or not, the Bengals haven't been a big Tight End team for a long time now. Reggie Kelly is a block first, catch second tight end. Daniel Coats plays similar to Kelly after pedestrian receiving numbers at BYU (86 rec., 966 yards, 9 touchdowns).

  1. Reggie Kelly
  2. Daniel Coats *
  3. Ronnie Ghent
  4. Tim Day
  5. Sean Mulcahy (NFLe)

Tackle (7) - The Bengals kept nine offensive linemen in 2006 -- among Jones and Anderson, two played tackle and guard and one played primarily tackle. With the five starters (Jones, Anderson, Williams, Whitworth and Ghiaciuc), it would be safe to assume that Kooistra, Andrews and Stepanovich would make the roster bringing the total to eight. That ninth guy, would either come from a rookie or a battle between Livings and Kieft. I would assume that Kieft would be given a chance, but they guy can't stay healthy and it might be best to assume he'll be let go.

  1. Levi Jones
  2. Willie Anderson
  3. Scott Kooistra
  4. Adam Kieft
  5. Elliot Seifert *
  6. Dane Uperesa *
  7. Alan Reuber (NFLe)

Guard (5)

  1. Bobbie Williams
  2. Andrew Whitworth
  3. Stacy Andrews
  4. Nate Livings
  5. Harrison Nikolao *

Center (3)

  1. Eric Ghiaciuc
  2. Alex Stepanovich
  3. Dan Santucci *


Defensive Tackle (5) - Last year, the Bengals kept eight defensive linemen. Four at End and four at Tackle. The likely starters (Thornton, Peko, Smith, Geathers) account for half. The Bengals would likely keep two off-season free agent additions in Myers and Allen. Frostee Rucker has yet to play a season and Marvin has always been high on Fanene. If I were to make a bold prediction, I would predict that Robinson won't make the final cut and the team will decide to go with youth if given the oppritunity.

  1. John Thornton
  2. Domata Peko
  3. Michael Myers
  4. Kendrick Allen
  5. Matt Toeaina *

Defensive End (8)

  1. Justin Smith
  2. Robert Geathers
  3. Frostee Rucker
  4. Bryan Robinson
  5. Johnathan Fanene
  6. Xzavie Jackson *
  7. Bryan Andrews *
  8. Jimmy Verdon (NFLe)

Linebacker (11) - Last year the Bengals went with eight linebackers to start 2006 -- and David Pollack isn't expected back. The expected starters (Brooks, Hartwell, Landon) leave five spots. Rashad Jeanty was solid last year and should play decent backup. I expect Thurman to return from his season-long suspension. Eric Henderson has gone from defensive lineman to linebacker project. If he doesn't make the roster (i.e., goes to practice squad), depending on his adjustability, that would likely open the door for either Andre Frazier or Matt Muncy. My bold prediction is that Earl Everett will make the team.

  1. Ahmad Brooks
  2. Ed Hartwell
  3. Landon Johnson
  4. Rashad Jeanty
  5. Odell Thurman
  6. Eric Henderson
  7. Caleb Miller
  8. Earl Everett *
  9. Andre Frazier
  10. Matt Muncy *
  11. Cameron Siskowic *

Cornerback (8) - Last year, the Bengals opened the season with five cornerbacks. Cornerback will look similar to last year -- other than replacing Tory James with Leon Hall. Now that's a freaking upgrade.

  1. Johnathan Joseph
  2. Deltha O'Neal
  3. Leon Hall *
  4. Keiwan Ratliff
  5. Greg Brooks
  6. Brandon Williams
  7. Blue Adams
  8. T.J. Wright *

Safety (7) - Like cornerback, the Bengals started last year with five safeties. I expect the team to keep both drafted rookies for their impact -- i.e., hit hard. -- in the team's quest to make this defense tougher. Of course, that's my bold statement. Of the two rookies, Ndukwe will have to work the hardest to make the team. Otherwise, replace Kevin Kaesviharn with Marvin White and don't expect Jones back.

  1. Madieu Williams
  2. Dexter Jackson
  3. Marvin White *
  4. Ethan Kilmer
  5. Chinedum Ndukwe *
  6. John Busing
  7. Herana-Daze Jones

Special Teams (3) - Nothing has changed here for the past several seasons. No reason for change now.

  • Shayne Graham
  • Kyle Larson
  • Brad St. Louis


Offense: 43 players, 12 rookies
Defense: 39 players, 10 rookies