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Bengals - 2006 Free Agents and Transactions

Stacey Andrews Signed 4.23
Rashad Bauman
Greg Brooks Signed 4.2
Robert Geathers Signed 1.10
Tory James Lost to New England
Doug Johnson Signed 2.5
Landon Johnson Signed 4.20
Kevin Kaesviharn Lost to New Orleans
Reggie Kelly Signed 3.6
Scott Kooistra Signed 1.30
Kyle Larson Signed 3.20
Caleb Miller Signed 4.24
Anthony Mitchell
Justin Smith Franchised 2.15
Shaun Smith Lost to Cleveland (did not match offer)
Eric Steinbach Lost to Cleveland
Tony Stewart Lost to Oakland
Kelley Washington Lost to New England
Kenny Watson Signed 3.2
Terrence Whitehead
Marcus Wilkins Lost to Atlanta
Anthony Wright Lost to NY Giants

Geathers signed
Kooistra signed
D.Johnson signed
Smith franchised | reaction
Watson signed
Kelly signed
Larson signed
Brooks signed
Landon signed
Andrews signed
Miller signed

All restricted free agents tendered